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Must have furniture pieces for your paws and whiskers

Choosing the right types of pet furnitures & play areas for a household can be a little overwhelming for homeowners. Many pet owners think the pieces may not fit their decor style and make the space look cluttered. Not to worry, there is a new market in place to make the boring old cages and toys look stylish now! Here are some must haves for your buddies.

1. Dog bed

Dog beds are great for dogs who spend time indoors. These beds are designed to keep your dog comfortable while they sleep. You can find many different types of dog beds including memory foam, waterbeds, and even orthopaedic beds.

2. Cat bed

Cat beds are similar to dog beds except they are designed specifically for cats. Like dog beds, cat beds are designed to provide comfort for your pet.

3. Pet hammock

A pet hammock is a type of swing that hangs from the ceiling. A pet hammock is perfect for pets who love to hang out and relax.

4. Pet tower

A pet tower is a type of play structure that provides your pet with a place to climb and explore. Pet towers are often made of metal or plastic and have various levels that allow your pet to get higher and higher.

5. Pet treadmill

A pet treadmill is a device that simulates running on a treadmill. Your pet can enjoy the feeling of being outside without having to go outside.

6. Pet pool

A pet pool is a swimming pool that is designed especially for pets. Pets can swim around and enjoy themselves without getting wet.

7. Pet house

A pet house is a small enclosure where you can put your pet if he or she gets lost. Pet houses are usually made of wood or wire and are designed to protect your pet from the elements.


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