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Promote sustainable living to improve the quality and balance of the environment

Our studio aims to address new lifestyles with the creation of complete, harmonious interior decor solutions that embody the best contemporary design for the modern home. We offer complete, warm, and inviting atmospheres, where the most innovative products are combined with unique design icons.


There is always more to it than you notice

We believe that design is in the detail and comfort of the customer. Our commitment to good design has extended into making better user experience that minimise our impact on people and the planet. We’re focusing on sustainable steps by which we can really make a difference. If well designed furniture and home decor products are just what you're looking for if you're looking to bring a little beauty back into your life. We have products for your personal use to customised gifts for your loved ones!

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We provide a range of products to fit into your styled homes


A well designed home is a home that understands the needs of its inhabitants. The design should have personality, be functional, and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We design pieces which inspire you to re-decorate and style your spaces in a modern chic way.


Designed to last

We believe in delivering quality products that are made to last by experienced hand craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technological skills in the production of our products. Here, high-quality carpentry, exceptional joinery, and state-of-the-art technology come together to propose intelligent solutions for the most complex designs. Vulcan Design Studio prides itself on the use of authentic, quality, and long-lasting materials, such as premium woods, leather, fabric, glass, and the highest-grade metals.


For each completed order, we plant a seed.

Here is a small step we decided to take to create a sustainable and healthy future. After your purchase, a seed will be planted and a photo of your sapling will be shared later. You will be reading about our plantation achievements in newsletters!

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